Monday, January 30, 2023
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Material Providers

Please mention the Series 7/63 Information Page when contacting the following people/organizations and ask for the Series 7/63 Information Page discount. Some firms offer flat discounts, while others participate in various rebate offers. Feel free to email us for details. Additionally, if there are any problems or additions, please let us know. Many of the organizations offer a wide array of products (e.g., audio tapes, live classes, video tapes, etc.) Our suggestion is to contact an organization and select one that you are comfortable working with.


Telephone Number

E-mail Address

American Investment Training

(631) 675-1197

Empire Stockbroker Training Institute

(631) 719-0792

Knopman Financial Training

(877) SERIES 7

Pass the 7

(708) 366-PASS

Pass Perfect

(800) 526-2097

Securities Exam Preparation, Inc.

(800) 648-7277

Securities Training Corp.

(800) 782-1223

Series 7 Specialists

(888) 802-1478

Stockbroker Training School, Inc.

(800) 270-2550