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Series 7/63 Information Page - Visitor Testimonials

The following quotes were taken from some (just some) Email messages of various viewers of this site. (See I do respond to Emails). All typographical errors are the author's property and I make no claim to them :)

"Recently, I took the series 7 and was disappointed to score 65% on the exam, especially after all the study time I put in. One reason for my dismal score was due to the practice questions I used to study with. The exam questions were different from my study material. When I took your practice exam, most of your questions were very similar to the actual exam. I did not find information to order your system on your e-mail. Please let me know how I can order your practice exam questions and your charge for them." [14 Jan 1999]

"Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for making available the ebook questions at an affordable price. I only wish there were more questions, but do appreciate all your efforts." [04 Dec 1998]

"Hi, I was doing some reserach on the subject and came across your site. Your site offers great advice and information regarding the Series 7/63 license." [17 Jul 2002]

"Thanks for your site, it's a great asset to somebody who is trying to get into the business, even from below the ground floor. :)" [02 May 2002]

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"Great site! Do you know if the SEC still offers the series 2? and if so what does it allow you to do with it?" [16 Apr 1997]

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